SimPlay.Net Clients and their Simulations

2007-2008 Tel Aviv University, Tami Steinmetz Center for Peace Research
Sim Title: Perspectives to Conflict Resolution: Northern Ireland and the Middle East (in Hebrew) Coordinator: Eyal Shechter
Sim Title: Perspectives to Conflict Resolution: The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict (in Hebrew) Coordinator: Eyal Shechter

2006-2008 International Institute of Social Studies in the Hague Course: Justice and Rights in Development
Sim Title: Venezuela: Justice and Rights in Development Coordinator: Dr Helen Hintjens
Sim Title: Towards justice? Post-genocide rights and wrongs in Rwanda Coordinator: Dr Helen Hintjens

2005-2008 US Army War College, The Strategic Experiential Education Group (SEEG),
Sim Title: Various Simulations Coordinator:

2005-2008 SIAST Wascana Campus, Regina, Canada, Course: Nursing,
Sim Title: Managing Difficult Behaviors Coordinator: Carol Blenkin and Denise Nelson

2007 Hedmark University College, Norway, Course: International Crisis Management Communication and Collaboration
Sim Title: Black Blizzard Coordinator: Nina Ree-Lindstad

2007 Oasis UK Church Youth Leadership
Sim Title:Oasis church Coordinator: Robin Smith

2005-2006 Victoria University - Footscray, Engineering Dept.
Sim Title: PBL and Engineering Practice Coordinator: Dr. Ronny Veljanovski

2005-2006 Universidad Jaume I, España, Course: English as a Second Language,
Sim Title: A Trip to Australia Coordinator: Dr. Juan Francisco Coll García

2006 Caldwell Community College, Course: Literature,
Sim Title: The Holocaust Coordinator: Mary Noggle

2005 George Washington University, Center for Latin American Studies,
Sim Title: Venezuela: Transformation and Governance (In Spanish) Coordinator: Prof. Luis Raul Matos

2005-2006 Wichita State University, Kansas and Carleton University, Canada, Course: Post-Conflict Peacebuilding,
Sim Title: Afghanistan Peacebuilding Conference Coordinator: Dr. Caroline Shaw and David A. Mendeloff

2005-2006 Caldwell Community College, NC, Course: American Literature,
Sim Title: The Scarlet Letter Simulation Coordinator: Mary T. Noggle

2005-2007 Appalachian State University, NC, Course: Instructional Technology,
Sim Title: No School Left Behind Sim Title: Task Force on Distance Learning Coordinator: Dr Robert Muffoletto

2004-2006 Central Gippsland Institute of TAFE, Staff Development,
Sim Title: A Christmas Party at AIT (Sexual Harrassment) Coordinator: Bradley Beach

2002-2004 University of Wales, Swansea, Center for Development Studies,
Sim Title: Venezuela Simulation Coordinator: Dr Helen Hintjens

2002-2004 The University of Melbourne, Dept of Learning and Educational Development,
Sim Title: Leadership and Advocacy Coordinator: Dr Manjula Waniganayake & Dr. Sue Wilks

2004 The University of Milan, Dept of Information and Communication,
Sim Title: Grazing on the Creative Commons Coordinator: Philip Grew

2002-2004 Queensland Central TAFE, Academic Development Centre,
Sim Title: FAQT and Fiction in Wonderland Coordinator: Mary Aquino

2003 The University of Wollongong, Faculty of Commerce,
Sim Title: Pitch: Advertising and Marketing Sim Title: Relationship Marketing Sim Title: Marketing on the Internet Coordinator: Dr Rohan Miller

2000-2003 The University of Wollongong, Dept of History,
Sim Title: The First Fleet 1786 Coordinator: Dr Sandra Wills

2003 Central Queensland University, Problem Based Learning,
Sim Title: AUQA Audit at University of Kew Coordinator: Scot Aldred

2003 Dubai Men's College, Marketing Fundementals,
Sim Title: Marketing 2003 Coordinator: Patrick Colabucci

2000-2002 The University of Melbourne, Dept of Political Science,
Asia Pacific International Politics Coordinator: Dr. Derek McDougall
Australian Foreign Relations Coordinator: Dr. Derek McDougall
Global Politics Coordinator: Dr. Matt Sussex
Russian Politics Coordinator: Dr. Peter Shearman
World Politics in Transition Coordinator: Dr. Peter Shearman
World Politics in Transition Coordinator: Dr. Peter Shearman
Asia-Pacific International Politics Coordinator: Dr. Derek McDougall
Power in International Relations Coordinator: Mr. Ron Linser
Islam and Political Activism Coordinator: Dr. Muhammed Kamal
Australian Foreign Relations Coordinator: Dr. Derek McDougall
Islamic Banking and Finance Forum Coordinator: Dr. Abdullah Saeed
Public Sector Management Coordinator: Dr. Bob Smith

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